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For age 40 plus...

A firm favourite with celebrities. This is two facial teatments in one! A Carbon laser peel facial, followed by a second pass of the Nd:YAG laser with increased energy which penetrates deeply into the dermis stimulating and regenerating new collagen and elastin fibres, plumping the skin and reducing fine lines.

A gold collagen mask is also applied during the treatment.

This treatment is equal to having microneedling and a chemical peel combined – just without the discomfort and fewer visits to the beauty salon.

Ideal for age 40+, slightly aging skin.

Ideal one week before a special event, or for best results with further collagen reformation and regeneration a minimum of 6 treatments are recommended, with an interval of 2 to 4 weeks in-between.


Patch test and consultation  Free

Face £105. Course of 3 £283, Course of 6 £535

Decolletage £95. Course of 3 £356. Course of 6 £484.

Hands £60. Course of 3 £162. Course of 6 £306.


 Suitable for, up to and including a Fitzpatrick skin type 4. 

Beautiful U requires you to complete a short Medical Questionnaire before you commence any laser or IPL treatments. This will be emailed to you prior to your initial consultation, which allows time to check your suitability, Some conditions or medications prohibit you from laser treatments and would be unsafe for you at that time. It is important for the effectiveness of the treatment that you are generally fit and well and that your immune system is not compromised.


Common medications that may cause photosensitivity can include but are not limited to: Antibiotics Antidepressants Antihistamines Antihypertensives Antiparasitics Antipsychotics Contraceptives Diuretics Hypoglycaemics NSAID and Retinoids. The medical questionnaire will ask you to list any medications inc dosage.

It is not uncommon to request you obtain GP authorisation before treatment can go ahead for some conditions or medications.

During the consultation, the treatment will be discussed fully and a series of 3 small patch tests (at various energies) will be carried out, enabling the correct parameters to be established and check your skin's tolerance to light. Full treatment can then commence 3-14 days later following no adverse reactions.

For more information on contra-indications that could prohibit you from treatment click here...