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Beautiful U requires you to complete a Medical Questionnaire before you commence any laser or IPL treatments. This will be emailed to you prior to your initial consultation and patch test. It is important to the health of your skin and the success of your treatment that medical details are disclosed. This information is kept in the strictest confidence in line with our privacy policy.

For further details on contraindications which may prevent you from receiving laser treatments click here.


Aftercare is very important following all Laser & IPL treatments - you will also be given a copy on your first appointment and can request another copy at anytime.


After treatment, the skin will be cooled, and skin barrier protection will be applied to prevent environmental sensitisation.

We recommend that post-treatment:

  • The skin should not be exposed to UV (sun exposure or tanning beds) for at least 4 weeks following treatment. Use of an SPF 50 plus is advised for when you are outside and in the sun for very short periods (i.e. necessary for daily life) however, sunbathing/sitting in the sun/tanning beds/prolonged sun exposure should be avoided altogether no matter what sunblock you are using for at least 4 weeks following treatment. 

  • We advise that sun protection (SPF 30-50) is worn even if you are not outside (UV radiation is the non-visible spectrum of light and travels at low concentration even at night. Therefore, the treatment increases UV sensitivity, so to be on the safe side please apply)

  • Wash with cool water (at least tepid) and not hot.

  • Apply aloe vera gel daily to soothe the skin if required.

  • Apply topical products with care (delicately for 48 hours post-procedure).

  • Avoid hot baths, showers, swimming, steams rooms or saunas for 24 hours.

  • Do not use any products that may be drying or irritating for 48 hours.

  • Do not use any bleaching creams or perfumed products for 48 hours.

  • Keep the area clean and dry post-treatment.

  • Do not use any creams, lotions or prescribed treatments on the treatment area without consulting your practitioner.

  • The treatment area should not be picked, scratched or rubbed vigorously at any point throughout your treatment course.

  • If before or after treatment, your skin feels dry, please apply delicately small amounts of a light moisturiser regularly throughout the day. 95% pure Aloe Vera is highly recommended.

  • If you are having a body treatment, we also recommend wearing loose clothing on the day of the treatment and up to 24 hours post-treatment.

  • No strenuous exercise/activity for 24 hours.

  • No excessive alcohol consumption for at least 48 hours after your procedure.

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet with adequate hours of sleep.

  • Drink plenty of water (we recommend 2-3 litres per day depending on workload and heat stress). Hydrated bodies are efficient at clearing out toxins, and with laser treatments it is often your body that is removing the hair, pigment, or vascular lesion through its lymphatic system.




Laser & IPL treatments


Each time you return for subsequent appointments you will be asked to sign in agreement you have not been tanning and that no changes to your medical history or medication have taken place since your previous treatment.

It is your responsibility to inform Beautiful U of any health or medication changes throughout the course of your treatment. Failure to do so may result in complications.

Please report any changes BEFORE your next appointment, either using the contact form below or by phone, message or email.


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