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back massage
back massage

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hot stone mssage
hot stone mssage

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Massage, Hot stones, Exfoliation and Super Sculpt Cavitation!


Massage increases oxygen flow to the muscles and aids the removal of toxins, relieving stress and tension.

30 min Neck Shoulder Face & Scalp massage...£25
30 min Back massage...£27
45 min Back Neck Shoulder Face & Scalp...£35
1 hour Full Body massage...£44
1 hour 15 min Full Body massage including the scalp...£49
15 min pregnancy (not in 1st trimester) specialist chair massage. Fully clothed / no oil....£20

These massage treatments use grapeseed oil with no scent. 


Essential oils have individual properties that work on a range of physiological and psychological conditions. Specifically blended to suit your individual needs. An excellent and popular way to aid relaxation.
Just add £4 to any massage treatment above.

Hot Stone Massage

Precious hot, smooth basalt stones relieve stress and tension in the muscles for the ultimate relaxing massage to harmonise and restore your body at its deepest level.

Just add £9 to any massage treatment above that includes the back.


Full body Scrub and moisturise...£20

Full body Scrub before a Massage...£15

Super Sculpt

This ultrasonic cavitation, also known as ultrasound liposuction, is a non-surgical fat removal procedure. The Super Sculpt has an adjustable frequency up to 80kHz and uses scientifically proven technology to break down unwanted fat.

  • Ultrasound uses low frequency sound waves to heat and vibrate the adipose fat cells to rupture, allowing the fatty acids and triglycerides to drain into the bodies lymphatic system.

  • Radio frequency uses advanced technology to safely heat the deep layers of skin causing collagen fibres to contract and remodel to help contour and tighten the skin.

  • Vacuum Therapy increases lymphatic flow to aid remove of toxins and water retention.

It is important to realise that this fat is not being removed from the body – it will be transported to the liver for metabolism. To achieve best results, you need to exercise following treatment for about 20  minutes, you should drink 2 litres of water and avoid alcohol or saturated fatty foods for 72hrs, to help disperse these moved fat cells.

A medical history will be taken to check suitability before treatment can begin. This treatment is not suitable for clients with: Auto-immune diseases, Pregnancy, Bleeding abnormalities or on Blood thinning medication. A doctors note is required for conditions including, Thyroid, Heart, Liver, Kidney disease, Diabetes and High blood pressure.

A course of 6-10 sessions, with minimum of 3 days in-between (it takes 72hrs for your body to process the fat), will help shape either the abdomen, buttocks, thighs or bingo wings.

It is powerful, therefore only one area can be worked on at a time for 30 minutes maximum.

A Super Sculpt cavitation session costs £60. Course of 6 paid upfront £320.