National Beauty Awards Triple Winner EVE TAYLOR Professional Aromatherapy skincare, four decades of knowledge and No1 Aromatherapy skincare in the Uk.

Aromatherapy is the practical use of pure essential oils. Essential oils have both an aromatic benefit from the plant but the oils also have such fantastic therapeutic properties creating some truly amazing products.

Apart from a great aroma and amazing sensory triggers, essential oils also have the ability to help restore balance, resulting in a deeply relaxing experience.

Essential oils can come from many parts of plants such as roots, bark, flowers or seeds. Each essential oil has multiple properties, each has the ability to balance the skin, as a result essential oils are great to use and formulate into award winning, professional skincare products.

With skin anlalysis the correct facial products are selected for your skin type, culminating in a luxurious facial designed specifically for you. Simply choose how long and which treatment add-on (TAO) you would like.

Aroma Express - 30 min...£30
Deep cleanse, skin anlaysis, exfoliation, specific treatment oil blend, professional masque, skin tonic, serum, moisturise and refining eye gel or eye complex cream.

Aroma Standard - 45 min...£35
Same as the Aroma Express but also includes a neck & shoulder massage and 1 TAO of your choice (see below). 

Aroma Ultimate - 75 min...£45
Same as the Aroma Standard but also includes the deeply intensive peel off masques: either Clarifying, Bio or Cryogenic and 2 TAO's of your choice. Luxurious!

TAO (Treatment add on's)
With the prescription facials you choose either one or two treatment add on's as you enjoy your facial.

  • Scalp Massage

  • Hand OR foot exfoliation

  • Hand OR foot organic warm Aromawax candle massage.

Also available, the new Ultrasonic Micro-therapy device to exfoliate, clarify & ionise. Boosting treatment results for an extra £10 when added to your facial treatment.